Corporate Portraiture for Arkema, Inc

A recent corporate commission took me to the offices of Arkema Inc, a multi-national corporation that specializes in the production of plastics and chemicals. I’ve worked with them on a wide variety of projects over the years, including profiling their industrial processes for annual reports and library purposes. I’ve also done a project profiling their employees with interesting hobbies for their internal newsletter through the use of humorous, quirky or just plain creative portraiture. These included an award-winning wood carver, an author of young adult novels, and a volunteer firefighter.

This particular project was corporate portraiture of their new CEO, Anthony O’Donovan (lead photo) as well as a handful of management. They asked for a clean background, a classic but slightly relaxed approach, and minor composition tweaks to add variety. Working together with their director of communications on the day of the shoot, we were both very happy with the results.