Philadelphia Photographers

Photographing a Wood Carver

This project was a photographic commission from Arkema Inc. Arkema is a multi-national corporation that specializes in the production of plastics and chemicals .  They ask for collections of images to support a series of features about employees with interesting hobbies in their internal newsletter. I have photographed several others for the project, including John. This particular gentlemen (Bruce) worked at a plant outside of Philadelphia, and has been making wood carvings for decades.

Let’s Make Some Craziness

I was provided a conference room and a large collection of Bruce’s pieces. My assistant and myself arranged the work for the portraits, and Bruce brought his wood working tools to demonstrate his carving techniques to capture some supporting imagery. They also asked for a handful of images illustrating his job duties as well.

Easter Egg

The bandaid on his finger was covering up a cut that he got during his demonstration!


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