Photographing at the 2018 Philadelphia Beard Festival

As a Philadelphia editorial photographer, I’m always looking for new, interesting, and/or just plain cool things to photograph.  While assignments place a steady supply of interesting people and places in front of my lens, arranging personal work as a commercial photographer is so very important as well.

On April 29th, 2018, the 2018 Philadelphia Beard Festival was held at The Schmidt’s Commons.   The event was arranged by Digital Force Agency of Philadelphia.  I live in the neighborhood, and I’m also an enthusiastic appreciator of facial hair.  So this was a great match!  There were several beard competitions, events, and vendors catering to all things beard.  I set up one light and formed a small studio.

Many thanks to members of the Philadelphia Bearded Villains and the Bearded Sinners Beard Club of Pennsylvania in particular for being so enthusiastic!