Philadelphia Commercial Photographers

Jaime Alvarez

As a New York commercial and editorial photographer who also maintains a fine arts practice, I make a point to keep current with the art world.  I am photographing an on-going portrait and documentary project with artists in their studio spaces.

While many are visual artists, I also pull in others from differing creative fields – musicians, wood-workers, writers, tailors, etc.  The project is rooted in portraiture.  However, I’m equally as interested in profiling and documenting the artistic and tactile processes behind the work.  In addition to portraiture, I photograph the artist working.  This can either be in the studio if their practice is studio-based, or on location if their work requires it.

This is Jaime Alvarez.  I first met Jaime in Chicago, where we were both attending the Filter Photo Fest portfolio reviews.  Although Jaime’s practice is grounded in photography, he has recently begun working with installation.

In this series, he was installing his piece Farthest From Earth at Penn State Abington Art Gallery.  It is an installation about Voyager 1 crossing the threshold into interstellar space.