New York Editorial Photographer

Syd Carpenter – Photographing An Artist in Her Studio

I maintain a fine art practice in addition to my commercial studio. As a way to expand my artistic network, I’ve been photographing an on-going portrait and documentary project with artists in their studio spaces.  

While many are visual artists, I also pull in others from differing creative fields – musicians, wood-workers, writers, etc.  While the project is rooted in portraiture, I’m equally as interested in profiling and documenting the artistic and tactile processes behind the work.

This is Syd Carpenter.  Syd is a well-established visual artist, maintains a faculty position at Swarthmore College, and is a current recipient of a fellowship through CFEVA.  CFEVA is an arts non-profit in the Philadelphia area that I’ve had a relationship with for several years, and they’ve been gracious enough to connect me with their fellows for this project.


After looking at Syd’s photos, here are some other recent artists –

Henry Bermudez

Ben Howard

Don Stephens

Lucas Kelly