Dr. Danielle S. Bassett for Science Magazine

A recent feature commission from Science Magazine took me to Pennsylvania University and the work of Dr. Danielle Bassett.

Dr. Bassett is on faculty at Penn’s Engineering School. A MacArthur Fellowship awardee in 2014, she works with network science on the study of the human brain. The concept of the shoot was to combine her portrait with projections of her work. This work is displayed visually as connectomes – comprehensive maps of neural connections in the brain. Essentially, a connectome is a wiring diagram of the brain.

I was also asked to capture a ‘safe’ portrait, as well as some details. She is heavily inspired by classical thinking and literature, so I wanted to include her sizable book collection in the images if possible. If possible, I also wanted to take a ‘classical’ approach to my lighting for one image to echo this interest.

The first three images are the images selected for the issue. Dr. Bassett was generous with her time, and I was able to capture a wide variety of work. The other images are some of my favorite outtakes.