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Matthew Courtney – Photographing an Artist in his Studio

In addition to my commercial photography studio, I also maintain a fine arts practice. As one of the ways I remain connected and plugged-in to the art world, I am photographing an on-going portrait and documentary project with artists.

While making some portraits with these artists is an important aspect of the process, I’m also interested in visually conveying the physical side of their practice. I want to draw back the curtain and show how they make their work. This part of the process is dependent on their practice, and can either take place in their studio or on location.

This is Matthew Courtney. Matthew is a current recipient of a fellowship through CFEVA; CFEVA is an arts non-profit in the Philadelphia area that I’ve had a relationship with as an artist for several years, and this is the second year that they have asked me to photograph their Fellows.

I worked with Matthew in his studio, which is in the basement of his home.


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