Philadelphia Photographer

Contact –

NYC. 929.262.8702

PHL. 215.300.1789


About Me –

My name is Matthew Bender, and I’m an editorial, commercial and portrait photographer with bases in both New York and Philadelphia.  I am a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  A former almost-engineer, I opted instead to go to art school, and found my way into commercial and fine art photography.


Some Other Important Bullet Points –

– Although I am from Pennsylvania Dutch Country, I am not actually Amish.  My mustache is the give-away. Amish men cannot have mustaches – they’re deemed too fancy.

– I didn’t fall in love with photography when I was six.  I’ve made up for it.

– My cat is named Optimus Prime.  

– I have a fine art practice grounded in the idea of progress.  This work can be found at

– I’ve gone skydiving and my parachute failed.  

– I have photographed assignments with a broken arm, including a group of doctors.  It was a wonderful ice-breaker with them.  And no, this was not related to my skydiving incident!  


Collaborators –

Wall Street Journal | Science Magazine | On Air Magazine | Chemical & Engineering News | Arkema Inc. | Air Liquide | Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals | Sartomer Chemicals | | University of Pennsylvania | Wharton School of Business | School of the Pennsylvania Ballet | University of Denver | Haverford College | Macalester College | Lehigh University | CARF (Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation) | CFEVA (The Center for Emerging Visual Artists)